Pyle PHMD53 - Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Review

Every metal detectorists know that the best and quality thing they should always get hold of is a condition detector. It is of no doubt that the reason they've been strolling up and down trying to choose the best Detector that worth their money. This is a fact to those who treat metal detecting activity as their hobby. Ideally, there is a steady standpoint about what the great Metal Detector should look like.  Normally, a quality detector has quickly adjustable discrimination and high-quality sensitivity, it is lightweight, and even learners can easily find it a fantastic choice with which to learn. Also, it should have a search coil that will expose the hidden treasure within a few sweeps, and finally it should be a suitable machine to fit anyone. And so to Pyle PHMD53 - Treasure MD, which qualifies the above judgment, but how? Let us ascertain, and you'll know.

The Pyle PHMD53 is an easy-to-use, fully featured Metal Detector. It can locate coins, precious metals and other treasures that are buried deep underground with features like 10 level adjustable sensitivity, a discrimination controls, headphone jack, a built-in speaker with ‘Ping’ detection alerts, waterproof submersible search coil, target ‘Pin-Point’ detection ability and an automatic ground balance for accuracy. It operates using a battery, which requires (6) x ‘AA’ batteries. Read on and know what these features have to do with Pyle PHMD53.

Pyle PHMD53 features - Treasure Hunting Metal Detector

10 level adjustable sensitivity and discrimination controls

This is an excellent control system of any detector or which is said to be incredible when you're capable of utilizing it to engineer the sensing of metals that are even in the greatest depths. Pyle PHMD53 detector ensures that it does not disappoint any detectorists regarding the depth of search. It has a handy 10 level sensitivity adjustment. With an every increase of sensitivity, there's an increase in the intensity of exposure achieved. Further, you can also modify its discrimination modes to differentiate between trash and treasure. This will prevent you from the reckless digging of your yard/garden, and it will save much of your energy, time and other resources.

Inbuilt speaker with a ping alerts


Nobody wants to discover a treasure that is buried in his garden without any alert from the metal detector. And Pyle PHMD53 isn't left behind in this feature. It has an outstanding inbuilt speaker that can release audible ping signals within a glance of second so that you can decipher fast, which kind of treasure/metal has been sensed. Moreover, it is no secret that you'll be able to distinguish the tone, and you make the right judgment with an excellent good sense of identifying the metal. Alternatively, you can as well enhance the level of perception on the tones by making use of the Pyle PHMD5 headphones. That will easily refine the ping signals, and you shall never have the problem of distinguishing between the metals.