How many kind of metal detectors

Metal detecting is the art of having to trace or identify the presence of metals either in the ground or whichever the place of interest. Metal detecting is a hobby not only for adult but also for child that usually associated with the people who seem to be cynical in the society but the funny thing is that people never notice that it can be as addictive as any other hobby and for instance some people usually engage themselves in the art of metal detecting due to the fun of the activity itself.


Generally, It's an interesting activity. Most people who are always involved in the act usually have different reasons for doing it for example some indulge in it because of their love for history such that the people tend to trace some metals that have been in the earth for as long as history can be traced and at the same time they love the feeling of having to get hold of the long forgotten metals and study them for further knowledge on the same Some people also enjoy collecting coins which may have over time gone extinct and they are no longer used and having them in their collection is one of the best things ever. The activity also makes people involved such that they are not idle but rather spend their time doing a constructive activity


Metal detecting can be a source of income since one can be able to sell the coins for instance, he has collected them using coin detectors but mostly most of the people who do metal detecting usually cherish their findings since they are of more importance to them than having to sell the and usually you have to have a passion for it rather than the financial interest. To be able to do metal detecting you usually need a metal detector.


A metal detector is a device that detects the availability of any metallic object within the vicinity. They are usually very useful since they can aid in detecting any metallic intrusion in anything or metallic objects that are hidden even under the surface. The metal detectors most of the time have a handheld unit that has a sensor. This sensor when the sensor comes into close contact with any metal object they always tend to have a notifying tone and the nearer the sensor is to the metal the louder the notifying sound becomes


Usually, there are various types of metal detectors that are used i.e.;

1. Best frequency oscillation.

2. Very low detectors.

3. Pulse indication.

4. Industrial metal detectors


The best frequency oscillating metal detectors are usually very common in that and since it’s the weakest metal detector it's usually used in electronics shops since it's limited to detecting metallic objects that are within a 2 feet vicinity. The metal detectors are usually made of coiled copper that is wound around a ring of steel or iron and a large ring that is attached to the base of the detector and another ring placed slightly above and thereby they are connected to oscillators that can generate frequency.


The difference in the frequency produced by the two coils is what leads to the notification sound that is produced by the speakers and thereby one is able to be notified the presence of a metal object. The very low frequency metal detectors on the other hand is popularly used due to its high levels of sensitivity and accuracy. This type of metal detector is comprised of a pair of coils which function together.


The first coil usually acts as the transmitter that gives off current white the other coil receives the signal generated and amplifies it further. The metallic objects that tend to pose high magnetism usually they generate a unique power field unlike the other metallic objects and this is an advantage since it enables one to be aware of the type of metallic device that has been buried within so as they don't spend.


Most of their energy and time digging out cheap or useless metal objects. Usually it's able to detect the objects with the least magnetic pulse which always are of worth like gold for instance and therefore this type of metal detectors can be of great value in digging out metal objects of much more benefit. The pulse induction metal detectors are recently discovered metal detectors that are commonly used for security purposes at most of the buildings.


They are used in detecting hidden metal weapons that can he used wrongly if allowed into a facility. The shortcomings of this type of metal detectors is that it cannot differentiate between the many types of metallic objects since it relies on coils working as a whole and it’s not budget friendly. The industrial based metal detectors are also commonly used for security purposes and they aren't used in maybe coin detecting and its very efficient since it accurately senses the presence of concealed metallic objects and even hidden weapons. Most people when looking for metal detectors they always consider things ice the price, the activity that they will be indulged in since they cannot use a security metal detector for finding coins.



They also have to find metal detectors that are within their budget. The person also has to consider the number of times they are going to use the metal detectors such that they don't have to own a very expensive metal detector that they are going to use only once in a while and consider the users ages. In conclusion metal detecting is an art that has been in place since long time ago and somehow, it's an art that has led to the discovery of so many long-buried artefacts like silver or gold coins or even hidden weapons that were used in the ancient times.


The only difference between modern metal detecting and the ancient one is the fact that due to technology there has been an advance in the metal detectors making them better and efficient in that they have good results in terms of the accuracy of the detection and the art of being able to distinguish between the metal objects.