Why metal detecting is my hobby?

A metal detector is an electronic device that detects the existence of metals in a location. Generally, metal detectors are used for discovering hidden metals within an object; these detectors are often a combination of hand held instrument that has a sensor query which is used to sweep over objects and or the ground. As seen as the sensor comes in contact with a piece of metal, it changes its signal tone or the needle on the indicator scale changes its position to an area that indicates the presence of a metal. Another very familiar yet very common metal detector is the stationary walk through that is used for security purposes at the way in to airports, court houses and prisons to sense a conceal weapon or metal on a person's body.


Every metal detector has an oscillator that produces alternating current that pass through a coil, thereby producing alternating magnetic field. Anytime a metal moves close to the coil, a vortex current will be created in the mental that allows it to create a magnetic field of its own. Metal detectors are also used in the detection of land mines, also used to search for a lost item; imagine if you lost a precious jewelry, a metal detector allows you to find your lost item without spending so much time searching for your lost item even in the wrong places.


Metal detectors are also used for hobby activities such as; Coin shooting an activity that improves many people looking for an old coin. Metal detectors are used to look for valuable metals in hobby activities such as silver, copper and gold in the nuggets or flakes form, which is called prospecting.


During the process of fabricating food in the industry, there is a slight possibility of metal object mixing with the food. This food mixed with metals is very dangerous and harmful for the people that eat the food. But with the installation and presence of metal detectors, the contaminated food with metal can be removed before allowing the food to go into the packaging process. Metal detectors also sense the metallic composition of some rock or soil formations. It can also be used in finding the location of a mine or the exact location of a metal.


In addition to the above use of metal detectors, it also serves a couple of other utility purposes such as mounted detector which is developed with some variant of pi technology while other hand held devices are made of BFD. The manufacturers of these detectors are always reworking the process and functionalities of these devices to make them more versatile, more sensitive and more accurate for the end users.



Metal detectors have been used for decades for diagnostic purposes, such as used for locate foreign object; intraocular metallic fragments, swallowed coins, bullets, medical devices and other foreign objects. The fast identification of metals may aid treatment and diagnosis. Metal detectors are very useful in medical practice because of their low expense, ease of use and lack of exposure to radiation.

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